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So I know I look like I've died, but I'm still here. Yay. Please don't remove me as a friend, I'm back now ):


Hi (:

I can accept paypal and concealed cash (:

Smoke and Pet-Free Home
I can only get to the post office once a week.
I can give you pictures of whatever you want, just ask.
I only ship to the US. Please leave a zipcode if you're interested. Shipping will include post office charge and envelopes.
Feel Free to ask for a different price.

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If I bought/traded or sold something to you, please leave me a comment (:

Wishlist (:

Well this is my wishlist. I'll update it once in a while.

Anything with Seth Rogen. Mostly movie posters/blown up pics

D.Gray-Man vol. 21+

Blood+ boxset or DVDs

Macross Frontier Merchandise

Movies: (full screen)
Funny people
The green hornet

New meme

I made a new meme. I have no Idea how to make it plain like the old one, so if someone wants to help me, I'd really appreciate it.
Post some requests please so it doesn't seem so awkward D: I feel like it's gonna die before it even starts.


So, is it just me, or is the DGM meme blocked. I posted just fine signed in, but anonymous comments need to be screened?


Seriously, that makes no sense. Today i was planning on filling a bunch. And now I'm just considering making my own. There hasn't been a new request since April.

Jun. 28th, 2011

someone punch me in the face. please.


omg D:

Saw MCR on sunday. I can die happily now.


Ahhh. xD

Rocky horror picture show <33
It's on ^^ Tim Curry is so sexy in it :3 xDD
I have to go see it again next year :3

And Big Bang is killing me T-T I need to go do more of that now -_-


Ugh -_-

Listening to my parents fighting. yay. just my stepdad's voice is enough for me to wanna stab someone....

And Windows Live isn't working :/ wth? I need ittt. Is it not working for anyone else?

Big bang: I have about 3000 words so far~ Haha. First 6000 by the fourth. We have 22 authors and 14 artists D: Judging by the amount of stories posted in the end, I guess a bunch of people are gonna drop out?

Plus I have a cold or something D: and i really haven't slept in two days ;-;